Research and Teaching Statement Samples

It is almost October; The month where graduating students and postdocs realize they need to start working on their job applications. Those looking for academic jobs, need to write research, teaching, and diversity statements. When I was applying, it really helped me to see the application material of other applicants. I share below my application material for two application cycles, and I hope some would find it helpful.


2016-2017 application: These are my statements when I was fresh out of the Ph.D program

Research Statement

Teaching Statement

2019-2020 application: These are my statements after spending a couple of years as an Assistant Professor. Having served in recruitment committees and reading many research statements, I tried to mimic the best of what I saw and what have worked for others.

Research Statement

Teaching Statement

Diversity Statement

Other material: In addition to the statements, below is a sample of a cover letter and CV (the CV is a link to my current CV, but it is very similar to what I used in the application)

Cover letter sample


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  1. Rendi Kurniawan

    Dear Dr. Faisal Nawab,

    Thank you for your valuable sharing. It is very helpful.
    Now, I have my own idea what I should write about.


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