In EdgeLab, we aim to make Internet applications fast and autonomous. To achieve this, we advance and integrate the following three technologies:

Global-Scale Data Management

Our global-scale solutions enable compute nodes around the world to coordinate while overcoming the overhead of wide-area communication. This is done by innovations that introduce hierarchy and flexibility in the consensus substrate.

Select systems/papers
1. DPaxos: A dynamic paxos-based consensus substrate that is designed for global-scale environments.

Funded by the NSF and a “next-generation Internet infrastructure” award from Facebook

Blockchain and DApps

We build on blockchain and DApp technologies to empower applications to be autonomous. Our work builds layer-2 solutions that enable utilizing blockchain without the cost and performance overhead.

Select systems/papers
1. AnyLog: a blockchain-based layer-2 infrastructure to create a marketplace for IoT data storage and processing

Deployed and supported by the startup AnyLog

Edge and IoT

Achieving millisecond-level latency can only be achieved by extending data systems to work on edge and IoT devices close to the data sources and consumers. Our work builds such extensions to be transparent to the user and application developer.

Select systems/papers
1. WedgeChain: A trusted edge-cloud coordination mechanism to utilize untrusted edge&IoT resources
2. CooLSM: A distributed indexing system that enables leveraging the benefits of both edge and cloud resources.


  • – Our paper “Croesus: Multi-Stage Processing and Transactions for Video-Analytics in Edge-Cloud Systems” to appear in ICDE 2022.
  • – Our paper “Efficient Dynamic Clustering: Capturing Patterns fromHistorical Cluster Evolution” to appear in EDBT 2022.
  • – IEEE ICDE 2023 will be held in Anaheim, California.
  • Three papers from our lab to appear in ICDE 2022.