About me

I am a computer science PhD student at UCSB. I work in the Distributed Systems Lab (DSL). My research focuses on building distributed and cloud data management systems. In particular, I am interested in systems that replicate data across data centers for fault-tolerance and availability. My work includes building systems that target minimizing response time while maintaining consistency.

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[19] COP: Planning Conflicts for Faster Parallel Transactional Machine Learning
(EDBT 2017)

[18] The Challenges of Global-scale Data Management
(SIGMOD 2016 Tutorial) [pptx]

[17] DB-Risk: The Game of Global Database Placement
(SIGMOD 2016 Demo) [demo]

[16] Graph Summarization for Geo-correlated Trends Detection in Social Networks
(SIGMOD 2016 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition)

[15] Minimizing Commit Latency of Transactions in Geo-Replicated Data Stores
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[14] Chariots : A Scalable Shared Log for Data Management in Multi-Datacenter Cloud Environments
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[13] Procrastination Beats Prevention: Timely Sufficient Persistence for Efficient Crash Resilience
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[12] High Performance Temporal Indexing on Modern Hardware
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[11] Mind your Ps and Vs: A perspective on the challenges of big data management and privacy concerns
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[10] Zero-Overhead NVM Crash Resilience.
(FAST 2015 WiP Session + Poster session)

[9] Zero-Overhead NVM Crash Resilience
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[8] MaaT: Effective and scalable coordination of distributed transactions in the cloud.
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[3] Serializability, not Serial: Concurrency Control and Availability in Multi-Datacenter Datastores.
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[2] MAC-Layer Protocol for TCP Fairness in Wireless Mesh Networks.
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[1] TMAC: Timestamp-ordered MAC for CSMA/CA Wireless Mesh Networks.
(ICCCN 2011)

[0] TMAC: Timestamp-Ordered MAC Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks.
(MS Thesis 2011)


E-mail: faisalsyn _aht_ gmail.com

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[March 2015] Received three travel awards from SIGMOD, ICDE, and UCSB senate.

[October 2014] Awarded the best presentation award at GSWC 2014.

[October 2014] Will serve in the program committee of Tiny ToCS Vol. 3 .

[May 2014] I will be joining HP Labs this year for a summer internship.

[March 2014] Awarded the Outstanding TA award for Fall 2013.